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Hi, I'm Lisa, and I'm so grateful you're here. I’m a Certified Natural Health Professional, who is deeply passionate about teaching you how to achieve vibrant health. As an attorney turned natural health advocate, I now make the case for adopting a more natural perspective on health. While setting forth facts, presenting evidence and crafting arguments is the typical framework of any trial, never before has a verdict been so important. We spend our entire lives longing to experience that elusive “feel good zone” or peace of mind, which is why I wrote a book to help you to reveal your personality and master your health.

The Guidebook:

Are you boundless in your vision, but find it hard to focus on one thing at a time? Are you quick to process information, yet have a sharp tongue that can cut others to shreds? Or maybe you’re a social butterfly, but find yourself burning out easily? 


These questions (and 20 others!) will connect your personality to one of five, time-tested wellness archetypes:  The Visionary, The Artist, The Transformer, The Pacifist, or The Rock. Once you discover your archetype, you’ll better understand yourself and how to channel your personality traits to elevate your mental, physical and emotional health. 


Combining ayurvedic principles and the tactical, analytical brain of a lawyer, Lisa Grazan eliminates the overwhelming guesswork of holistic wellness and provides actionable practices rooted in ancient wisdom. You’ll find customized “prescriptions” for thinking, feeling, eating and moving, so you can achieve the most successful results based upon your unique character traits. 

Take the Wellness Archetype quiz today, so you can reveal your personality and master your health!