Ayurvedic Basics Program

"When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.  When diet is correct medicine is of no need"

~ Ayurvedic Proverb

The Ayurvedic Basics Program consists of 2 consultations, preferably 1 week apart.  In the initial 60 to 90 minute consultation, we will review your food journal (which I ask that you complete and email to me prior to our meeting), and discuss your health history including digestion, physical and emotional patterns, lifestyle practices, and personality traits.  These tools will help to reveal your Prakruti (overall state of balance) as well as your Vikruti (current state of imbalance).  We'll also discuss any symptoms or conditions you're currently experiencing.

During our second meeting (50 minutes to 1 hour in length), I will present you with my assessment and recommendations which encompass diet, digestion, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, and stress management, all designed to improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing and tailored for you to easily incorporate into your daily life.

Rate:  $225 for 2 consultations

          Initial consultation is 60 - 90 minutes

          Assessment consultation is 50 - 60 minutes

Follow Up Consultations

Follow up consultations are designed for clients who have already completed the Ayurvedic Basics Program and who would like more refinement in their program.

Rate:  $75 for 1 hour consultation

Expanded Ayurvedic Wellness Program

"A well-lived day is medicine unto itself"

~ Archarya Shunya

The Expanded Ayurvedic Wellness Program spans 2 months, consisting of 4 in person meetings to ensure complete and confident integration of your Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle.  The first month we'll take a deeper dive into the concepts of Food as Medicine, digestive wellness, balancing meals with the 6 Tastes, as well as recipes.  The second month we'll focus exclusively on lifestyle practices and daily routines that are both manageable and effective in creating and maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit.


This program is designed for clients who have already completed the Ayurvedic Basics Program.  

Rate:  $475