About Lisa

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"I believe that fresh, nutritious food prepared with mindfulness and love is THE best medicine that could ever be prescribed. Knowing what to eat and how to eat, and maintaining a strong digestive fire, are the keys to healing the body, clarifying the mind and uplifting the spirit"

~ Lisa Grazan


Lisa Grazan is an author, food and health writer, wellness expert, attorney, and the founder of The Artichoke Heart, a natural health consulting company where she draws on Eastern wisdom as the foundation for her clients to successfully navigate Western society.


Lisa holds a Doctor of Naturopathy degree and Certification as a Natural Health Professional.  Her passion has always been healing the body with food which has naturally extended into organic farming and sustainable agriculture.


When she was introduced to Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic healing system, Lisa's sights were both elevated and expanded.  Ayurveda's logical approach appealed to her analytical attorney mind, while its gentle yet effective protocols appealed to her nurturing instincts. Since her introduction many years ago, Lisa has studied, lectured, applied and written extensively about Ayurvedic medicine.

Lisa's writing has appeared in the Ayurveda Journal of Health, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture and, most recently, Pittsburgh Magazine's Western Pennsylvania 2020 Local Food Guide.


Lisa's new book, The 5 Wellness Archetypes. Reveal Your Personality, Master Your Health is rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom as she shows readers how to use their personality traits as reliable guides toward revealing and restoring their unique mind/body balance and mastering their own health.