About Lisa

Lisa spent the majority of her 30 years as an attorney defending “Big Pharma”, watching their profits soar while her own well-being took a steady decline.  After becoming her own best advocate in search of a more fulfilling life, Lisa discovered many natural healing practices which helped her on her journey.  It was through Ayurveda, however, that she was completely transformed, physically and emotionally.  Not only did Lisa’s digestion, mental sharpness, and general outlook improve, but through the restoration of her own mind/body balance, she came to understand that her job was the antithesis of who she really was.

Her new found clarity sent her on yet another journey to seek her true calling, a holistic health practitioner.

Lisa’s first book, “The 5 Wellness Archetypes.  Reveal Your Personality,  Master Your Health” is rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom as she shows readers how to use their personality traits as reliable guides toward revealing and restoring their unique mind/body balance and mastering their own health.

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